A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to New Word City! 

We are excited to have you here as our guest in our lovely blue city!

We hate to be that needy host on your first visit, but we need your help while you are visiting our city. Help us find some meanings in our words. I mean world!

Search for hidden meaning of words in hand-drawn, interactive, miniature landscapes. Go explore our city, meet the locals, take a stroll on the beach or just go for a dance!  As we always say  TO-TO-DO!
Your Wordex will  shows you what to look for. 



Press space on any object to find out if its what your'e looking for, and find enough meanings to unlock the next word.

Good luck and enjoy your trip of words!


space, control , and [↑] [↓] [←] [→] 


the city founders and creators

Guy Mizrachi, Nadav Baruch, Bar Nemesh and  Roi Shacham

Made as part of a game jam course in Bezalel Academy of Art and design & Hebrew University, 2022.


macOS 83 MB
Windows 74 MB

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